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Two years ago today (My mom's birthday and cinco de mayo), Kevin and I moved into our first apartment in San Francisco. We lived in Park Merced, neighbors to SFSU, situated in one of the most boring parts of town. Erik and Sara helped drive the truck down from Davis where Cousin David and Friend David helped us lug everything through the basement and up the one working elevator to the 6th floor. Our picture window in the living room overlooked the parking garage and the intersection of 19th and Junipero Serra. We could, and did many times, watch the fog roll in through the trees and down into the meager courtyard.

Park Merced was a different place. The tower was 12 floors and a mix of families, Russian immigrants, and students. Someone on one of the floors above us would constantly through things out of their windows down to the yard below. We found eggs, melons, candles and other small ballistics scattered on the pavement. Next door to use was an amazingly convenient and horribly over priced grocery store with a deli and vegetables of iffy quality. They sold beer and wine and kinder eggs. Somewhere I think we still have our collection of toys from those damn eggs.

Down and across the street from us, somewhere on the M line, was Diala Pizza. Kevin and I basically put their kids through college. It was a rare week that passed when we didn't order pizza from them at least once. It got to the point where, when walking home one night, the pizza delivery guy was driving out of Park Merced, saw me and waved. Kevin said he's had the same experience. More than anything, I miss that pizza.

Park Merced was a pretty good place to spend our first year an a half, even though we didn't get the typical san francisco life. It was far away from everything, even with the M Line right next to us. There were ferrel kittens running over the place. The fire alarms went off all the time. Two poor girls got stuck in the elevator on our floor during a black out and we talked to them from the hallway to keep them calm until the firemen came to get them out (they never did send us the fruitbasket they said they would!). There were the pot dealers who lived next to us, the band who loved above us, and about the four other people who we always saw either going or coming.

Albany has been a good move, but there are times where I miss our kitchen, our living room with the hardwood floors that were never sealed, the laundry room with six washers and driers, of which four usually only worked.

Here's to us Kevin - two years and we haven't succeeded in killing each other!
And even tho I'm an evil bitter bunny woman right now, I am truly happy for you. I know college wasn't the best time romantically for you, and I'm thrilled you've found someone that makes you happy. *hugs*