Yesterday was one of those wonderful days filled with normalcy that probably would drive some of my friends absolutely nuts but made me stupidly happy. Perhaps this post is gratuitous in nature but after seeing Up last weekend and remembering what my mom told me, I'm trying to be better at writing things down. Mom told me that it's good to start now because years and years from now, Jonathan and I will be racking our brains, trying to remember when and where things happened. Even though yesterday wasn't important and nothing out of the ordinary happened, I think it's good to remember wonderful days.

We woke up late. And by late I mean 9:30. I decided to sleep in instead of going to Yoga, only because I haven't had a sleep in day for about two weeks. We took our time getting out of bed, mainly because we ended up having a huge tickle fight, complete with threats of being pushed off the bed and elbows in delicate areas (accidental! accidental!). We took our time getting dressed and checking our respective message boards and what not. By 11am we were ready to leave the house and go down to the farmers market.

If you travel north on San Pablo Ave, you excite Albany and enter El Cerrito. There's a big plaza there with a Trader Joes, PetCo, Joanne's, Lucky's, and a plethora of other shops. On Saturday they have a small but well stocked Farmers Market. Jonathan and I made our first look, then walked again. We bough beets, carrots, spinach, zucchini, plums, peaches (yellow and white), some amazing Indian food (mint salsa, okra, stuffed flat bread), a packet of fresh garlic fettucini, and a half pound of fresh prawns. We went to TJ's and picked up some flower, some cream, some eggs. I went to Luckys while Jonathan stood in line to pay and bought yeast, sugar, bread crumbs, and found a chocolate beverage we drank in Malaysia called "Milo."

Back at home with the grocs put away, Jonathan started his bread experiment. I shouted encouragements while I played Plants vs Zombies (curse you, popcap games! CUUUUUUURSE YOOOOOOU!). Jonathan created a very dense but very tasty loaf of whole wheat bread. He then started to make a kind of focaccia with herbs and cheese. While that was in the oven, I started to make our shrimp fettucini alfredo from scratch. It turned out well, but I put in too much parmesan. NExt time, next time.

Late at night we went down to the California in Berkeley - an old movie house that was once a grand vaudville theater. If I remember right, in the 20s they cut off the balcony to make two screens and in the 70s cut that into two more. We saw The Brothers Bloom and loved it all. I think it's what a Wes Anderson movie should have been but never got to be because Wes Anderson became too full of himself.

We came home, we fiddled on the internet, we went to bed. It was just a regular day but somehow, for some reason, as I walked through the farmers market, as we brainstormed what we could make from the things we found, I found myself being stupidly in love with JOnathan. It hit me like a flaming bag of bricks and made me euphoric and giddy.

So there - now I can remember yesterday, where we were, what we saw, what we did. Hopefully I'll remember how it made me feel, even though it wasn't adventerous and we didn't go far and we didn't meet anybody. It was just a beautiful summer day in the east bay and nothing happened.