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So I ended up flying over my handle bars and skidding on the asphalt today.

For the past few months I've been walking to and from Bart every day. Starting yesterday, I've been taking my bike. Even though it's the same path, when you bike it becomes different. You notice different things and what was a simple bend in the road becomes a hazard. Also - there's a very slight incline in the road. Going to Bart it's up hill, and enough to wind my poor, out of shape body. Coming home, it's down hill, and enough to turn me into a rampaging speed demon. These two things combined plus getting used to it all made for an interesting encounter today.

On my way home, not too far from the Bart station, I crossed the road going a bit too fast. There was a slight bend and the road was concealed by a bush. Behind that bush was a guy and we saw each other at the same time - too late, though, for me to slow down adequately. He jumped, I over corrected, slammed the handle bar into my right thigh, flew over the bike and skidded on the bike path. The guy was super nice and made sure I was okay and that my bike was fine, and a nice lady stopped to make sure I was okay too. I was just really apologetic because I know I was going too fast.

So I'm fine - got a bandaid on my palm and I can feel a nasty bruise growing on my thigh. I learned that I need to manage my speed better, especially when I can't see what's ahead of me. I'm VERY glad I didn't hit the pedestrian, and thankful he was so nice.

But - as my dad says - everybody falls. I'll be on the road tomorrow morning. This time, though, with my bike gloves on my hands!
I laughed a little, but am glad you are fine. Bruises are sexy.
Weee! Don't you love crashing in front of others! Glad you're not permanently damaged, though!