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I have decided to sell.

I know the market is pretty damn crappy right now but after much deliberation, I think it's best. I've actually have been LOSING money with my unit because the rental price has not covered mortgage and dues. Also, my association just passed a new bylaw saying that no owner can rent out for more than two years w/out a break. Now, while that wouldn't effect me for another two years, i'm pretty confidant that I wouldn't even be able to think about moving back for at least four years(Jonathan still has his aprentiship to finish).

So I'm a little sad, especially on cool mornings where I can almost smell the aproaching autumn weather. I'm sad that I'll miss out on watching my friends' children grow. He'll, I still miss all my friends from Mpls and I really miss the tai chi studio (still haven't found one that has the right feel).

There's a bit of remorse. It's hard to stay closely connected when I'm so far away. The Internet can only do so much and there's no replacment for midnight movies at the uptown, the smell of the lakes on the first warm day of the year, thunderstorms in the summer, or how the world turns black and white after a heavy snow fall. Dude-people out here don't know the smell of thawing ground or what -10 feels like (maybe the last one is not SO bad).

But who knows what will happen. Minnesota is in my blood and Minneapolis has never been cruel to me. Perhaps I can convince Jonathan it would be character building to live there for a while. Then again, that would mean saying goodbye to my friends out here. Could I do that to myself again? When do I get to settle down?

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Just say no to Minnesota! You're free now. FREEEEE!
If you ever do go back there, you know you have a support system waiting for ya.

But even I have to admit, I don't miss those days where my eyelashes would stiffen up and my nostrils would freeze together from the cold.
There's always Wisconsin! Wait, what am I saying? I hate it here! Just say No to snow!