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Just down the street from Salt House, literally one building away, is a nice open courtyard with some interesting art, a wall covered in foliage, and quite a few benches. Some of the benches are made from a granite like material that matches the decor, other benches are made from wood slats. In the mornings when the sun is still warm and rising, I like to sit out on the benches, read the paper, and relax before I get down to my basement and slave away for 8 hours, far away from the autumn sun.

I should note here that I have short legs. Many of you know this. One would think that, for a woman of 5'7" I would have legs to match. Sadly, this is so far from the truth it's insane. Even petite pants are too long for me at times. Most chairs are too tall for me so when I sit my legs feel stretched and uncomfortable. To remedy this, I normally sit, especially on park benches, with one leg tucked under. This allows my thighs to be more at a 90 degree angle and is more comfortable for me.

So yesterday I'm out sitting on the granite benches, one foot tucked under my leg. A nice gentleman comes out and tells me that they don't allow feet on the benches. I'm a little surprised by this but I move my feet off and sit awkwardly until it was time to get to work.

Today I figured that the rule applied to the granite benches (they're stone, they could be worried about marring or something) so I move to the wooden benches to enjoy my morning. Once again, one leg was tucked under and, once again, the nice guy comes up and tells me no feet on the benches. He said it would be okay if I put newspaper under my foot to protect the wood.

Protect the wood?

These benches, even the granite ones, are outside to the elements. I am wearing soft soled sneakers. Clean, soft soled shoes. Because I sit on my feet, I'm not going to sit one something that's dirty. I simply can't understand why I can't sit like this. It's comfortable for me, it's in a public area in the sun, My only option is to spread out some papers to cover my feet, but doesn't that seem a little odd to you?

Perhaps I'm just being snippy but come on. It's not just me, either. One of the hostesses from Anchor said she got warned the same way. For her, she likes to be able to put her feet up a bit after being on them for her whole shift.

What do you guys think? Am i over reacting? Are they over reacting? Should I bring a little napkin/table cloth to sit on while I'm on the benches?
That's a bit messed up. I think you should ask someone else that works in the building. It seems like that can't be right. One thing if they were indoor benches. I'd ask someone, especially if it's just the one guy who's telling you this.
I don't know who this guy is, but I would look around the park/courtyard and see if you can find this policy posted. If not, suggest it to this guy if he says anything to you again.

Otherwise to protect your clothes consider cutting a square of plastic table clothe/picnic clothe to sit on.
Is it a private courtyard? If it's public property, do whatever you want, unless there are rules posted somewhere. The guy maybe just thinks it's his sworn duty to protect stuff from other stuff, even though it's not necessary.
I see his point actually. The thing is you don't know what you might have stepped in; anything on your shoes could get transferred to the bench and from there to the next person's clothing. I know I'm dodging doggie doo on my daily walks and it's possible that you'd have something on your soles that you're not aware of until too late. I have the same issue with people putting their feet up on the seats in front of them in movie theaters - I live in fear that sooner or later I'm going to lean my head back and get some extra special excrement based hair conditioning.....