Megmander (fantom07) wrote,

Mmmm.....good dreams....

One of my old writing teachers once told us that people either want to hear about dreams or they don't. Odds are that they people to want you to tell them their dreams are really just waiting for a chance to tell you theirs. I write this as a disclaimer because I'm going to tell you my dream, or parts of it, only because it's kind of funny (well, the end result is).

Last night I dreamed that I was dating Nathan Fillion (of Firefly, Dr Horrible, and Castle fame). It was REALLY AWESOME. It wasn't sexual at all, we were just totally in love and it was totally and completely random (such as his strange obsession with my blow dryer. He really seemed to like it). I have no idea WHY I had this dream, or why Angelina Jolie was all cracked out and living with my friends Sarah and Sara in an apartment in New York where she was going to community college.

What I find funny though is this: every morning Jonathan gives me a kiss goodbye when he leaves (usually around 5:30/6:00am). Sometimes I'm coherent and other times it's clear I am not sharing his plane of existence. This morning as he rolled me over to kiss me goodbye, I told him "I was dreaming that I was dating Nathan Fillion. It was so awesome! I still love you but it was Nathan and it was awesome."

I have no idea why I needed to tell him I was dreaming about dating someone else, but I think he laughed.

At least I hoped he did.
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