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Okay kiddies, here's the deal: if you guys ever find yourself planning a trip to Portland and feel the need for a romantic place to stay (or even just an adorable place to stay for that matter) you need to check out THe Lion and The Rose. I'm not shitting you guys, this place was awesome.

How awesome? Well, check out these pictures, okay?
That's the room we stayed in: The Rose Room

That's our OMG AMAZING jacuzzi bathtub that fit both of us (only the Rose Room has this tub)

See that bed? That bed had a feather/pillow top and basically sucked you down into warm squishy soft bliss. It was also so high up that I had to use a stepstool to get myself up there.

Guys, they even decorated for the holidays. How sweet is that?

I wish I had taken more pictures of the inside of the house. There was a nice dining room set up for breakfast, the kitchen was the kind of kitchen people (well, people like me at least) lust for in spaciousness and beauty. There was a snack table 24 hours a day, free sodas and waters, a place to store leftovers/heat up leftovers, and overall a charm that I just can't fully explain. THe owners were nice, happy, enthusiastic people who always seemed happy to see us.

Another benefit? They were located only a few blocks away from the light rail, cute restaurants, a mall, and two movie theaters. Even though we spent most of our time on the other side of the river, next time we go up we will definitely spend more time in that neighborhood. In fact, I was even able to find a yarn store within six blocks!

I know I sound like a silly advertisement but I never had so much fun at a B&B/Hotel/Inn before, and it's been rare for me to have to dedicate a whole post about it either. It was a little spendy for us, but it was sooooo worth it. Also - when I first found it I was kind of worried that Jonathan would think it was too girly or frilly or something, but he actually REALLY enjoyed it (but I think that was because of the bed and bathtub, personally).

Tomorrow: Gonna be a long one; Portland's Public Transportation, Saturday Market, VooDoo Donuts, Powell's
Awesome!!! And Voo Doo Doughnuts???? WTF?!
What neighborhood was this in, or do you know?