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Okay kiddies, let's celebrate the spirit of consumerism by posting our favorite holiday gift memories! You know, the toy you really really REALLY wanted and actually GOT that year!

Also - if you never did get the toy you wanted, what was it?

I wanted this track racer that was glow in the dark AND DEFIED GRAVITY! It went up the wall and I think upside down too. I was probably five or six and this is what I REALLY wanted. Not the typical gift for a young girl. But I got it and it was AWESOME (at least in my memory).

I know I've gotten a lot of other awesome gifts since then but for some reason THAT stands out in my mind as one of the best.
I think our most awesome year was when we got our original Nintendo. I still remember my dad cracking up at the dog in Duck Hunt. The thing I wanted but never got was an American Girl doll. Katie is getting one come hell or high water.
I also remember getting a nintendo, but that was more of my brothers' gift than mine. I do want to say that my mom taught me valuable life lessons with Mario Bros; namely that I have to fight my own battles. She wouldn't let me pass the game off to my brothers to get past a certain point, I had to do it myself.

American Girl dolls are so awesome but SO DAMN EXPENSIVE!!!! But ooooh the costumes and the accessories and the silly books. One doll has years of christmas accessories to come!
I never wanted an American Girl doll. I don't really remember many good gifts, I do remember the bad ones. including the my little pony at age 14.

I do recall my first and 2nd bikes. The second christmas bike was a 10 speed, but wasn't put together, that was fun. *eye roll*
My favorite/most memorable? My blue fedora I got in grade 11 (it was the 80s).

And then there was the Christmas my first year of University. My Dad wanted to get all three of us in school Hewlett Packard Calculators, so he asked my sister. She said she thought that would be great for me and my brother, but what she really wanted was a stereo. She got the stereo, and we got calculators.