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Oh hi January, how YOU doin'?

Last night I read all my tweets from the past year. Seeing how I'm not a mega tweeter, this was not a lengthy process, but it was fun. What did I glean from the past year? I was bored at work a lot but I have awesome friends. Maybe this year I can FINALLY get out of the broom closet. How I'm going to achieve that, I'm not entirely sure. School? Outside programs? Write that teen exploitation novel I've been talking about? The pirate romance novel I've been sitting on for five years? Or maybe I could figure out how to make my broom closet more interesting. Time to play hardball? Who knows.

I hope my friends stay as awesome this year as they were last year, and I hope less shitty things happen to them and their loved ones. I hope that I can work on being as awesome to them as well. I miss my midwest friends something fierce but I'm really thankful that I have met some amazing people out in SF. I don't think I could have survived out here with out them.

Here are some things I'm thinking of doing in 2010:

Get a lot of wedding planning done. Even though the wedding is in 2011 it's probably best to get as much planned as soon as possible. I fully believe that I can plan a wedding and not go completely batshit crazy or bankrupt. What's important is that I know I want to do this and I'm doing it *not* because I *have* to, but because I want to. If I wanted to elope, yeah, I'd go do that. But I don't want to.

Friends who have planned weddings: What have you found to be useful and what have you found to be not so helpful?

I want to have fewer long distance travel plans and more weekend trips. More camping trips for weekends, or getting deals on flights to southern California to visit our friend Weibie. He can get great deals for Disney Land thanks to his military discount. It'm not talking about EVERY weekend, but at least one weekend a month GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. Even if it's just to a local state park near by.

Those, I think, are pretty much the jist of it. I want to hang out with friends, be awesome to each other, and have a good, healthy, 2010.

Oh, and update more often. Yes.
Friends who have planned weddings: What have you found to be useful and what have you found to be not so helpful?

Useful/Helpful: screaming, theknot.com (even if only for their awesome guest-list management, the rest of it is really for more "traditional" weddings), having an awesome co-worker who went though the same thing and could lend an ear to let me vent, cry, etc. (I can be this friend if needed)

Not so helpful: my mother - this shouldn't be an issue for you because you don't even know her.
Awwww, thanks for your ear if ever I need to start bawling! I hope this won't happen though. Right now, both my mom and my FMIL are pretty low key about the wedding. FMIL just wants to make sure that the day is astrologically sound, so we'll have to run it by her first. I'm sure my mom will be there to help when I have run out of options and I think we'll work it through.

It's just getting started that's daunting!
Here's one wedding tip. If you can, book vendors in 2010 for a 2011 wedding. Rates usually go up at the new year, so booking the year before can save you some money.

First book the vendors that can only do one wedding a day, like the location(s) and photographer.
When planning your wedding:

- Think about what YOU (you and Johnathon) want. Planners and other people will say "you have to have this _______ ", but you don't have to have things just because everyone else does. Cut the stuff that you could care less about and make the list of what is important to you and have those things.
- That being said, there are great planning books out there with lists of things to look after and they can really help - you can still cross out the stuff you don't care about.
- Magazines are great - clip the stuff you like - you may not have it all, but it really helps explaining to a florist if you have a picture of the flowers you want, or a baker for your cake.
- There are expectations (the Aunts will expect a cake or some sort) but do it the way you want to.