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Well, I'm the lone bird at work today until 3pm when the other reservationist comes in and I can take my break. Saturdays aren't bad shifts - the phones are pretty quiet and as long as I have something to keep me busy I don't go crazy bored. Thanks to having Plants vs Zombies on my iphone, this should keep me relatively entertained for quite sometime.

Anyways, as some of you know I've been doing the Couch to 5K program for the past two weeks. I start week three on Monday and I'm pretty happy with how I've been doing, namely just happy that I've been waking up and getting my butt to the gym. Having the iPhone app has been a great motivator. It tells me when to run/walk and allows me to build my own playlist. I have to say - I think I picked an excellent mix of music for myself. It's not terribly long and I hear most of the songs every time I work out, but I never hear the same song twice in one go. It's a mix of fast and slow, but they're all pretty positive. I thought I'd list my songs here and ask:


Here's mine: (mind you, it's always on shuffle)
Don't Stop Believin' (Glee version)
Smile (Glee version, Lily Allen cover)
The Mating Game (Bitter:Sweet)
Nearer Than Heaven (Delays)
One Night Away (Delays)
Daylight Robbery (Morcheeba)
You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome (Madeleine Peyroux)
Music is the Victim (Scissor Sisters)
Taking it All the Way (U.S.E)
1234 (Feist)
Love Today (Mika)
Love You Madly (Cake)
Short Skirt, London Bridge (Cake/Fergie mash-up)
Ooh, those are some good ones and some are common workout tunes for me as well (namely Love Today).

Here are some ones I commonly listen to (in no particular order)...

Here It Goes Again (OK Go)
Angel With an Attitude (The Ditty Bops)
Sister Kate (The Ditty Bops)
Get Up 'N' Go (The Ditty Bops)
Sex Bomb (Tom Jones)
Love Like the Movies (Avett Brothers)
Die Die Die (Avett Brothers)
Gimmeakiss (Avett Brothers)
Hot N Cold (Katy Perry) (Shut up, yes, it's embarrassing to admit that I listen to *some* of Katy Perry's music)
The Remedy (I Won't Worry) (Jason Mraz)
Shoe Box (Barenaked Ladies)
Who Needs Sleep? (Barenaked Ladies)
The Distance (Cake)
Some Days You Gotta Dance (Dixie Chicks)
Je Veux te Voir (Yelle)
Booty Call (G. Love)