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So my first class at the loft started last night. I came in late though because there was an accident a block away from my apt, and then I had to deal with twins traffic (which is NOWHERE near as bad as packer traffic. Every now and then I remember times when I was foolish enough to drive into town during game day. It's hell I tell you). I did find a place to park, though, and I scurried fast to get to class.

The class is small, 13 people, and almost everybody seems to know each other. They have either had a class with Lyda before, or have taken another class at the Loft. There's a lot of inside jokes and everybody seems to know more than I do. It's rather intimidating, but I guess that's how it was when I was a senior taking classes with Laurie. People who hadn't felt out of place, but I was right in the mix. So I guess I will just work on becoming part of the group, part of the class.

Already Lyda likes me! Nick had told me that she LOVES FireFly, so I gave her my copy of the tapes (Hey B? When I home next, if I supply the tapes, will you make me another copy? The one you gave me is safe in the hands of a published author!). Lyda kissed the tapes, did a happy dance and asked how I knew. I explained the story and she told me to have Nick come to a class some week. We then talked about FireFly, who our favorite characters are, what our favorite episode was, stuff like that. Then after class we talked a bit, and I think she's gonna be a real cool teacher.

I am nervous about the class though. Every body seems more confidant in their abilities than I do. They seem so sure, and I don't know if they are going to listen to my critiques. I DO give good critiques, I was known for it. I am both supportive and constructive in my advice. And damnit, I'm right half of the time!! Okay, yesh, that's egotistical of me to say, but I dunno. I guess where they have belief in their writing, I have belief in my abilities to read the writing. I dunno, I guess I just hope they like my stuff *bashful foot shuffle*

Anyways, my romance novel class meets today in about three hours, so I'm excited about that. Afterwards I'm going to the Twins Game with some peeps. Gonna be a good time!
You're taking a class at the Loft? That sounds cool. What classes do they offer and how much are they? I really should get back into writing one of these days...

I'm going to the Twins game tonight too! I think everyone I know is...

They offer a TON of classes! I am taking two: ScienceFiction/Fantasy for writers who want to be published, and How to write THe Romance Novel. My novel class meets today at 4:30, then I'm scurrying over to see the game. I'm probably gonna be sitting with you guys if yer going with Adam, Mike, Kaela and the rest of the group :)
Sweet. Thanks for the link, I'll check it out.

And yeah, I'm meeting Mike, Adam, and Kaela, as well as some other friends of mine. It should be good fun! Do you know if you guys are buying upper GA or lower GA tickets?
You'll kick so much ass. Know why? Because you rock this world. That's right.

btw, Firefly over winter break?
Firefly and clubbing are a MUST for winter break! :)
Can't wait to see you again dahlin, and I hope you're having a grand time!