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Kirdape100: we have no food!
MargieBeep: How can you have no food??
MargieBeep: Don't you follow the mormon belief that you should have a pantry stocked with at least 6 months of food incase the world ends and you are saved?
Kirdape100: if you're saved, why would you need food?
MargieBeep: because everybody else has died but god saved you, and it is your job to repopulate the earth with mormons
MargieBeep: scarry, huh?
Kirdape100: jeebus
MargieBeep: At least that's what I was told. That's the reason mom gave us for why we have a big pantry
Kirdape100: are you mormon, Meg?
MargieBeep: Oh you bet
MargieBeep: Didn't I mention that to you?
MargieBeep: Hmm, must have slipped my mind
Kirdape100: ::runs away::
MargieBeep: See, these hot missionary boys came by my apartment....
MargieBeep: they had furniture....
MargieBeep: and the book of mormon
MargieBeep: heheh
MargieBeep: they translated the book into binary for me. Man, nothing turns me on like binary.
MargieBeep: and furniture
Kirdape100: hehehe
Kirdape100: I think you just find the 1's, 0's, and legs of tables/chairs/etc to be a turn on
MargieBeep: ooo baby that's what I like

Meg...I hope you will see this comment before tonight.

I have a class that goes until 4:30, and from there I plan to head over to Pandora's. However, I might not be there until 5:10 or so. So if I am late, do not despair! I will be there!

Also, is there more than one floor at this place? Which "floor" or "room" would you like to meet on/in?

I look forward to seeing you.
Why don't we meet downstairs and then move upstairs to the smoking section. I'll probably be sitting on the front porch, so I'll keep and eye out for ya!

Have a great class and I'll see you around 5!