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I'm using that title because MA didn't so I'm claiming it and I'm drunk and that's okay by me!

But let me explain my day....

Woke up, got a package from UPS with my bday gifts from rents, even though they came a week early. WHAT IS THIS?!?!?! CHRISTMAS IN JULY!?!??!?! MUST THEY TOURURE ME IN THIS WAY?!?!?!? So I'm being a good girl and waiting, while my presents sit, hidden away in my closet, calling out to me, begging for me to open them....


Had a late lunch with Ted, it was nice to see him, I was thinking, "hey, booty call!" but no, Ted has a girlfriend, GO TEAM TED! Oh wait, was i not to share that info? AM I ALLOWED TO TELL PEOPLE THAT TED?!?!??! Maybe not, forget what you just read....

We ate lunch at Southdale mall, meandered a bit, went to target, went home, it was good to see him! We may be hitting the matinee on sunday

SPEAKING OF SUNDAY: WHO WANTS TO COME TO MY APT FOR A TRADING SPACES $100,000 PARTY!?!?!??! Let me know, it'll be keen I tell you, KEEN! I'll even clean. And I'll have munchies too.


After Ted, Timmy messaged me saying he needed to be saved from his mother, so we went out to Vera's and had a WONDERFUL time, where he proceeded to spank me at Rummy. WHAT'S WITH PEOPLE SPANKING ME?!??! But we met some really sweet gay boys, timmy gave Tony his number, and I was hugged many times and told to come back.

I love boys who love boys.

So yeah, I came home at around midnight thirty, and my upstairs neighbors were SO LOUD! I thought I'd just go up and politely tell them to be a WEE bit quiet, but it turned out they were having a bacholorette party, and they invited me in for some wine and cake and dancing, and they were all so nice! So now I'm a bit tipsy on wine, but I'm also tired having just gotten over my icky icky cold, so I'm going to bed.

Good times I tell you, good times. Straight boys suck. Gay boys rawk.

The all true confessions of a fag hag.
Awwww...you've progressed to a true fag hag. I'm so proud of you! hehe j/k
What's that about straight guys? I'm sure that Ted and I are the exeptions to that "rule".
Gay men are the hottest, but I personally haven't any issues with straight men for simply being straight. Also: GO TEAM TED!!! ...and if Natalie does not call me back I'll come for Trading Spaces!!!
Wow, you are a much better girl than me, I open presents right away when I get them, whether they are a week early or not. =P