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Another small man of international decent unknown has hit on me, bringing the total up to four! If they were only taller with broader shoulders, I would be more attrated to them! I have nothing against the interational part, I'm just not really attracted to guys shorter than me...

Class was fun tonight. We got into a small debate about The Sparrow. I really enjoyed that book, while another woman just HATED it. She found it mean and gross and depressing. I found it intriguing with a message about religion that isn't discussed very often. The whole thing made me realize that I enjoy books that put the main character through ever loving hell. I guess it's because I don't like happy fluffy stories. That's not what life is about. How can we know what true happiness is if we don't know true pain?

Anyhoot, I can't wait to get my cat...I went down to the shelter in Golden Valley yesterday and looked at all the cute cute kitties...there were some adorable kittens, but also some really sweet cats too. There was this one siamese that was just an attention slut. So loving, so pretty, I'm worried that he might be snatched up before I come back from Thanksgiving.

Hey Kaela, the shelter is open 'til 9 on weekdays, want to go over some time this week and see if Byron (the siamese) is still there? I might be able to have the shelter hold him for two weeks....
Hell yeah I do. Tomorrow or Friday is good.
Tomorrow would be much better for me, what time would you like me to pick you up?
Can I see if Steph wants to come too?

Around 6:30 would be good.
6:30 sounds fabulous, and please do call Steph! The more the merrier :)
Kaela: I just had a thought, but I know you'd say no, so I'm not going to say it.
Adam: What?
Kaela: Well, Meg found this cat and she wants it, but she can't have it until after Thanksgiving, but it might be gone by then, so maybe we could --
Adam: NO.
Kaela: I knew you would say no so I didn't say it.
Adam: NO.
Kaela: I know. This apartment has a load limit of one Siamese cat, I think.
Adam: Mantis and Lucy would FREAK OUT if you brought another cat in here.
Kaela: I know.

So there went that idea. :)