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So I'm at home, chilling out, debating whether to call a cirtain boy, and I turn on the telly to PBS and HOLY CRAP! It's Hugh Jackman starring as Curly in Oklahoma! DAMN! That man can SING!!!!!

Okay, done drooling ;-)
ack! i meant to watch that! must check tv guide and see if it will be replayed. i muchly desire to see hugh jackman singing.

I forgot to bring my cellular device with me to campus today.

I would still be interested in meeting you for coffee at Espresso 22. If you can make it, I will be there until about 7. If you cannot make it, I will wait around for a bit but not past like 7:30...so hopefully I will see your smiling face...if not I shall call you when I get back to my apartment.

I hope you see this comment/check your e-mail before this evening.

(I will be meeting my friend Nick for coffee at Espresso 22 around 4:30, and he'll probably stick around for an hour or two, so anytime you wanna show up I'll be delighted!)