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You know, I think I've already used that as an entry title way back in the day, but guess what, I'M USING IT AGAIN!!

Anyhoot, I'm almost ready to go to CT and see the fam. My plane leaves at the butt crack of dawn tomorrow (well, not really. It leaves at 9:30 which means I have to be there no later than 7am, and that means I need to pick up Ted at 6 so we can get there in time, which means I'm waking up at 5am. Good times, good times...) and I'm already getting excited.

Kaela, Shout out to Kaela! When can I drop off the keys for you so you and Steph can look after little (hah!) Sasha while I'm gone? I have most of the night free, all I have to do is pack and finish baking the ginger snaps.
Anytime, we're home all night. :)
Your family is having t-day in Conneticut?
Yuppers. Erik is stationed there, and while it wouldn't be hard for either Tom or myself to go back to California, but the navy pretty much has Erik by the short and curlies. So we're all going to see HIM for thanksgiving. Should be pretty fun I think.
Awww, poor Megsey has to wake up at five?? I woke up at six today and felt like I was sleeping in! It made me happy. *smile* Love ya, Chicka, have oodles and oodles of fun!