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So this game has gotten a ton of people stuck, and I've just managed to finish the game. If you want hints for the game, I have them "hidden" in the LJ cut.

Clues to some puzzles, then highlight them to find the answer (only if you need it!)

how do I get out of the castle?
R&G think you're insane.
How could you prove that you're not?
Answer:give the certificate of sanity to R&G

How do I get to England?
Did you look at the machine in the theater?
Did you press the button?
Answer:Take the ticket to the harbor. Get on the boat and give the ticket to the sailor. Don't worry, he'll always give it back to you.

The Not So Happy Gravedigger
The guy doesn't seem to like working as a grave digger...
I think he'd much rather be on stage....
How could he become an actor?
Answer:Take the audition form from the theater, give it to the gravedigger. He'll drop his shovel and leave happily

My Kingdom for a Horse!!
We know where the horse is....
but the horse doesn't want to follow you...
maybe if you had something to feed him....
a vegetable maybe?
Answer:take the shovel and go digging in the veggie patch. You'll find a carrot. Take the carrot and the horse will follow you on the boat to england. Richard will take the horse from you and give you a crown. You'd best wear it.

The Tavern
You need money to get booze...
you did pass a sandy beach....
what do pirates do with their treasure?
Answer:Dig in the sandy beach. You'll find a treasure chest. Open it and take the coins. Give coins to Nell, she'll make sure you're set up well

Your Cheatin' Heart
Who's this Desdemona character?
Why, she's Othello's wife!
I bet he'd be really mad if you brought him something of hers...
Like...a handkerchief?
What? She won't give it to you? Says you don't need it?
What makes you need a handkerchief?
Answer:Sniff the pepper that you got from the kitchen cupboards. It'll make you sneeze and she'll give you the hankie. Take it to Othello, he'll freak out and kill himself.

I'm a prince! Really I am!
Banquo won't let you in?
Do you have the crown?
Are you WEARING IT?!?!?!

Is this a dagger I see before me?
Look at the dagger
Not just hanging in thin air is it?
Got something that could cut it?
Wait, not sharp enough?
Answer:take the scissors to the blacksmith. Sharpen them on the grind stone. Cut the dagger and take it

The Scottish Play
MacBeth says that theater folk hate him...
What is the one thing you're not supposed to say in a theater?
I mean, BESIDES "good luck?"
Answer:Go to the theater, shout out "MacBeth," take the rope

It's curtains for Laerte's Family!
We all know what happens to Polonius in the play...
And we know what happens to Ophelia when she finds out...
So how do you prove to her that her father is dead?
Answer:Stab the curtains, take the body to Ophelia, she'll jump out of the window.

The Magic Rope
So what's the deal with the flute?
Have you played it while holding the rope?
Can't seem to get very far in your hands...
And you need a place to go up...
Answer:Go to MacBeth's tower and drop the rope. Play the flute and it'll latch onto the ceiling. You can now climb upwards.

The Porter
Have you looked at the porter?
Looks like he could use a bit of the old booze....
Answer:Give him the flask, then go upstairs.

Double Double Toil and Trouble
So the witch needs some stuff....
we know where the skull is...
we know where the salt is...
The bat is easy to find...
But what about this newt?
I bet the merchant of venice could help you out....
Answer:Get the hairspray from Juliet. Read the can, what's one of the ingrediant??

There you go, if you still need some help, or if I've missed a puzzle, drop me a line!
You rule! Thanks
where is macbeth's tower?
If you go to England, then keep going north, you will run into banquo (see the royalty question). Banquo is gaurding MacBeth's tower. Hope that helps! :)
That game was awesome!

I was so addicted, i had to beat it before i went to bed...anyways, thanks for the clues:)
Wasn't it though? I just wish it was longer! Back in the day I used to play games like that all the time, but this was the first one where I didn't need any cheats or anything!
you ever play Loom? It was a LucasArts game back in the day for Macs. God I miss it.
I LOVED Loom! I used to play that game non stop, it was such a great concept.
where is the bat in the hamlet game?
The bat is flying around on the balcony where you talk to the Ghost. Just go there and take the bat :)
Thanks for that. I killed claudius but it said game only 99% complete have I missed something?
I really have no clue...BTW, how did you find my journal?
I was 99% done just before visiting Laertes for the final battle. Apparently, you're instantly able to defeat him if you've first killed Claudius.

By the way, thank you Meg. I just found your hints and they allowed me to finish the game after I'd been stuck for a while. :) Arigatou!