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God does not want Nick to visit me.

I am so angry right now, and I have no one to be angry at.

Well, maybe God, but he did help me get to work on time this morning, so I can't be mad at him. Maybe I used up my miracle. Shit. I would have rather been late to work if it meant that I would have gotten to see Nick.

So unless God decides to be nice, and Nick can get his car fixed, he will not be coming out here.

Nick that is, not God.

This is nobody's fault.

So this weekend I am claiming agoraphobia.

Anybody is free to come over. We can watch movies, eat popcorn, order pizza, drink some booze, raid my kitchen, but I am not going to leave my apartment for any reason. Take the bus, steal a car, ride a horse, grow wings and fly, but if you can make it my apartment, you will not be turned away.

I am hurting right now. A LOT. And it's nobody's fault.
I'm sorry Meg...

If I were in the Cities I would take a bus (or steal a car, or RIDE A HORSE) to visit you, but alas I shall not be back 'til early Monday morning. I hope you feel better...we should for sure hang out when I am back in town and you have some time off work. I've missed you!
I love you. I just had this sense that I needed to call you last night even though I had not read this. After the weekend end, we'll go get get coffee and talk like we always do. *big hugs and kisses*