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I am a Catholic, I have been since my baptism, and I solidified my belief when I made the choice in 10th grade to be confirmed.

But more importantly than being Catholic, I am a THINKER. I do not blindly accept the teachings of the church. I listen to my conscience, and I follow my faith.

Recently, the community I am a member of ( catholics ) had some small talk of making the community more selective. That's fine, I mean, it is a free country, it is a free service, but what do you have to do be considered a "true orthodox believer?" Is there a test you have to take in order to get in? Do you have to know the full catachism of the catholic church? Do you have to name all the popes in order? Do you really have to be Holier than thou?

I am probably the most liberal and outspoken member of the catholic lj community. I stress listening to your faith and following your heart than blindly hating people simply because you are told to. I believe in a forgiving and loving god who will not send people away from his door unless he has a DAMN good reason. I am an advocate of the catholic church, and I am an advocate of change within the church so that we might grow not just as a religion, but as people.

This, of course, makes me a bad catholic in the eyes of many.

So if catholics decides to become highly orthodox and shut its doors to people who they feel are not as catholic as the rest of them *cough* me *cough* so be it, but I will be saddened by the loss of site that has helped my faith grow and solidify and find others to share my beliefs with.

Who knows, maybe I should start a "thinking catholics" community, one that challenges its members to think hard about why we are catholic, what exactly we believe in, and solutions to problems that the church faces.

I mean, com'mon people, if everybody who is unhappy leaves the catholic church, how will it ever grow? Right wingers will continue to run the church.

Let's teach our faith with intellegence, and not with guilt. It IS possible.
so what do they consider orthodox?

Do they think heaven is a place you go because you believe in Jesus
Do they think Hell is a place you go if you don't?
Do they believe in purgatory?
Do they think that evolution is the spawn of the devil?

If so, the Pope isn't orthodox

It's interesting how long it takes actual orthodoxy to trickle down to the masses.