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You know those ideas that seem great but really aren't? Yeah, I had one of those tonight.

So I need to do my laundry tonight. Because I do my laundry a couple blocks away, my detergent and fabric softener live in my car. My detergent is powder, my fabric softener is liquid. Well, I forget sometimes that my car also drops below freezing, and thus, my fabric softener turned into a large frozen brick.

"I know!" I told myself, "I'll just defrost this in the microwave, it'll be done in a couple of minutes!"

The end result?

A large wet "whomph."

And an april fresh microwave.
If nothing else, I got a laugh out of the story. I'm sorry dahlin'!
That is terrific.
Oh my. Teehee. Hope the mess wasn't too bad to clean up! =)
Camille Collins does "All that Jazz" and "These boots are made for walking". She is known as "The Show Girl of the North. Roxy Marquis is the gorgeous "Blonde Badass" who does Madonna, and Annie Lennox songs flawlessly! Nina DiAngelo is the "Resident Super Hero" and the most eclectic of the La Femme cast, I feel. I attend the 90's frequently so I know most of the members in the La Femme cast.
The La Femme cast is amazing, and I need to go back to the 90s soon. I love watching them all, and they all are so talented.

But it's just not fair that men have legs that look that good :-P