Well, I survived work and the endless horde of stupid patrons. I started work a bit grumpy though, having to work the concession stand on the OTHER side of the the area. It's the register where no body goes to becuase they don't know it exsists. They are also too stupid to hear me calling out "I can help people on this side!! Hello!! I can help you people!! COME OVER HERE DAMNIT!!!!"

Alright, I suppose I should explain why I want costermers so bad. We have a contest at work to see who can sell the most large cups. Who ever wins gets fifty bucks. Yeah, it's not much, but damnit! I wanna win!!!!

Anyhoot, I was grumpy that I got the shaft spot, but I still got costumers and sold alot of cups, so I was happy. I was more happy with my co-workers who shared Concessions with me. Martin and Ethan are pretty fun guys. Ethan started a week after me this summer, and is the Holiday's "Golden Boy". He really hates that nick name too. Martin is an old school vet at the theater, so he calls himself "The Old Man." We're thinking of writting a theater related book about him called "The Old man and the Popper," but we never have time.

We got to talking though, and figured out that we are all just one big family. Our manager Julie is the Matron, and our floor manager Michelle is like the cleaver older sister. Ethan is the favortie, and it makes all the other kids jelouse. That's why we pick on him so much. Patrick is a crazy uncle, and Joe is the popular one. Me? I'm the rouge teenager who's leaving the family for college. Which is sorta sad, 'cuase I like this job, but I'm leaving in about 18 days.

Well, that's enough for one entry. I get Sunday and Monday off. Tuesday I go back to the saltmines, but I get the coveted Box position. I'll explain more on that later