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The Snarky Monster dwells in clutter on the floor, in snowbanks that block parking spaces, in piles of dirty dishes still needing to be done, and generally any place where things get underfoot. The Snarky Monster chooses to pounce upon his unsuspecting prey with poisoned tipped claws that leave the victim feeling grumpy, aggravated, and generally just a pain to be around. The appearance is varried, sometimes he can look like a cute little thing, innocent and hardly evil looking, and other times he can be giagantic force of nature. Either way, the Snarky Monster is to be avoided at all costs. ~ Taken from The Book Of Monsters Nobody Cares About by Spunky T. Wizzler.

I have been attacked by the Snarky Monster. It really isn't pretty. I feel on edge, and anything can (and most likely will) set me off. I'm jittery and antsy and really no fun to be around. So when Amy gave me the option of taking VTO, I decided to take it. I am going to put a pizza in the oven, put on my pjs, eat my lunch, take a nap, read some, take a bath, listen to wicked and try to calm myself down so I can act like a normal human being in public.

I don't like it when I get snarky, and it's nobody fault that I get this way, but anything can set me off right now. I came very close to losing it at a caller earlier this morning, and I got even angrier at the snow on the ground, and the fact that my street wasn't plowed. I was angry with songs on the radio and angry with every little thing that popped into my head.

So I'm just gonna chill out, pretend that I have some sedatives, keep my head down, count to ten, and just relax.

Welcome to my February folks, 3 days down, 26 to go...
I'm sorry to hear that you've been attacked by mister snarky. It sounds like a good day to take some time off. I wish I could take the day off, but school is mondo importante when you're paying upwards of three grand for it......
The Geoffrey Maguire book?
The musical adaptation of the Gregory Maguire book. The music is by Stephen Schwartz who's done Godspell, Pippin, and Children of Eden, not to mention the music for Prince of Egypt.

I want to read the book though, the musical RAWKS.
I have the book and I love it. I loaned it to Justin and Whitney and they liked it too.
Dude, i think the snarky monster lives in my room...heh...

Your day sounds SO wonderful (pjs, pizza, bath, reading...), enjoy it for me, too! hehe