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not just for being swell presidents, but also for giving us the day off of work.

Of course, did I DO anything with my day? Like accomplish anything on my list? Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell no.

Ah well, it will get done this week.

Of course, I've realized that I have to write a cover letter for "Vows." Have I mentioned how much I HATE writing cover letters? They never taught me how to write them in ANY of my college writing classes ("Here you go, have fun with your creative writing major. Oh yeah, and you need cover letters for all your submissions. Bye now! Have fun!"). I learned how to write them in the SciFi class I took last fall. Now I have to figure out how to sell my soul story. I also have to figure out just exactly to whom I am sending this story. Gah. Why can't I just get a lucky break? Any small press publishers out there?

Anyhoot, it's late. I have to be up in less than six hours. But today was fun. Went out to lunch with Timmy. Went out to coffee with MA. Remembered how much I love my friends here in the cities.

Oh – MA and I are currently trying to wrack up a list of coffee houses here in the cities. So far we have visited SpyHouse, Pandora's Cup, Uncommon Grounds, Espresso 22, Hard Times, and Plan B. If any of my readers have a favorite coffee house to add, please do! MA and I like to move around. It's like a moveable feast, only different. Alright, it's nothing like a moveable feast.

Screw Hemingway, I never liked him anyway *hears the collective gasp of her english major readers* Hemingway can shove it. It's all about Steinbeck anyways. He never went to Paris. That makes him cool.

Okay, it really is time for me to get some rest, night folks.
I don't know if it's still there, but there was a place in Minneapolis called The Laughing Cup. Nice little place, though I've only been there once.
You are not visiting coffee shops in "the cities", you're visiting the ones in Minneapolis. There are plenty on this side of the river too. Let me know when you're ready to make the leap and I'll give you some recommendations. :)
We havn't been to any in St. Paul because we don't KNOW of any in St.Paul, hence the call out for more coffee houses :-P

Please, do give us some names! We are eager beavers to check them out!
There is a great coffee house in Maplewood/Vadnais Heights area. I think it's called "Cup o Joe" or something like that. I have not been there in a while cause I have not had time...but check it out
The bathrooms in Hards Times are nasty, you do not want to know what goes on in there.
I remember liking some really sweet places in Uptown...unfortunately the names escape me. I'll get back to you on that.

By the way, GOOD LUCK on sending in your story!!! YOU CAN DO IT