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Spring has come to Davis

Every spring since I've moved away from Davis I've asked Dad to send me a picture of the almond tree in bloom.

Back home, it blooms in mid to late February, one of the first trees to bloom. Down the street from us are ornamental cherries that bloom bright pink. Before a reckless driver knocked down our crepe mertle, it would bloom in a lighter pink. Our magnolia tree would blossom with it's large soft purple flowers, and all through the block there would be the sweet smell of spring, all within the last few weeks of February and the first few weeks of March. I would always seem to miss the blooming season when I would come home for spring break.

Here in the midwest, things don't normally start to bloom until maybe mid to late April, if we're lucky. The first winter I spent in Green Bay I was spoiled by the mild weather. The snow was gone by March and we had flowers blooming by April 1st. It was beautifully green by April and it stayed that way for the rest of the season. Ever since then I have started my campaign every year for "Green By April," and every year I've had to deal with another month of gray weather before we finally would get our spring in May.

So every year, when the snow has turned that dirty gray and the temperatures hang around the 20s, I ask Dad to send me pictures of the almond tree in bloom. Every year when I get them in my mail box I can almost smell the blossoms, and it makes me hopeful that spring will come just a few days sooner to the frozen tundra. I can close my eyes and see the almond tree in our back yard during twilight, when the setting sun would make the blossoms glow against the darkening sky as it if was under a black light.

Spring is beautiful out here in Minneapolis, and I look forward to its coming, I just wish that it would arrive sooner.

But with the pictures of the almond blossoms, I can have my own personal spring.
Great imagery, Meg. Makes me wish I was right there with you. :)
Ahh. I miss the blossoms in Dixon so much! I love the fall here in Minnesota, when the leaves turn red and orange and the air is crisp, and I even love that first snow of the winter, and summer, when the hills in St. Paul are so lush and green. But spring in Minnesota just does not compare to the Sacramento Valley, with all the pink and purple flowers everywhere and fragrant air.

Since I moved to Minnesota nine years ago, every year at this time I start getting antsy and start wearing t-shirts and lighter colors and missing and hoping for a real spring.
I have my desktop photos cycling through the pictures I took while the cherry blossoms were blooming in DC last year... just to remind myself what spring looks like.