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Once again, I've been reading Bruno archives. They are NOT helping.

I realized yesterday that this has been the longest that I have stayed in one solid location in over four years. I think that's partly why I've had this craving to pick up and leave, just throw what I need in the back of my car and DRIVE.

I want to go down south to Louisiana, down to Georgia, down deep. I want to see what Faulkner and Welty were talking about. I want to drive across the central plains, across Montana and Wyoming. I want to see the wild mustangs. I want to see the endless rolling hills. I want to drive up old hwy 100 all the way from San Diego to the very end of California.

I went and saw Hidalgo with Adam last night. I enjoyed it, but I fear that sometimes I am not able to enjoy films as much as I should because I get really snarky about special effects. I don't know if I'm just being picky or have really high standards, but if I can tell, even remotely, that something is digitally editied in, I feel cheeted. It's like being able to see how a magic trick is done. I know there is so much we can do with effects these days, so much more we can film and make happen, but what's the point if we can tell it's fake?

But all in all I enjoyed the movie. I wasn't all "omg, this is the BEST movie EVER", but it did live up to my expectations. They did a good job of making evil people evil and good people good. And while I know that movies such as this one and Dances with Wolves glamourize the old west something fierce, I still can't help but wish that I had lived during that time. There was so much room, so much freedom. It would be so easy to get lost in the middle of nowhere, yet still theoretically be able to survive.

But...I am happy here, and as I keep saying, I love this town. The walk to my car last night, even though it was only a block away, was absolutly beautiful. The snow was falling softly, I could hear the water from the river, and the lights of the city just faded upwards into hazy night sky. I know I made the right decision living here. I have my home, I have my cat, I have my friends and my writings...


there's this urge to go and drive and see and feel. To get lost and then find myself again. Perhaps it's just me trying to escape who I am, even though I know that where ever I go, there I am. But there's so much out there in this world. So many people to meet, so many things to see, to do. Different ideals, different philosphies.

Someday, someday. I'll travel and be gone and come back and leave again. Someday, someday.
I saw Hidalgo last night too, and generally I'll agree with you about special effects, but I don't think they were too heavy in this film. Only where they needed to be (I don't think they could really make a gigantic sandstorm by themselves).

As for glamorizing the west, I think Hidalgo did a good job of showing that the "Wild West" is really only what Wild Bill's Wild West Show made it out to be, and the stories that got published from it. Everyone called Frank a cowboy because they knew him from the dime novels as a cowboy.

But I can definitely see what you mean about this movie inducing wanderlust. I wanna go run with a pack of wild mustangs! And then make a run for the desert! (but I'll try not to get hit by a shovel on the way there)