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Whew, my first day of working 8-6 is over. It wasn't too bad, and this way I can take a half day at work on friday so I can make it to GreenBay at a decent hour on friday while still working a full 40 hours. I like doing it this way. Even though I'm home by 6:30, it's really not too bad. It's just doing an extra hour of re-entries and texas calls.

And speaking of re-entires, HOLY CRAP! That's all I did today. No reading, no crosswords, just an endless stream of re-entires. Ontario was down for most of the day, so they just kept piling up. There were still well over 300 left in the folder when I clocked out at 6 tonight.

Ah Well, welcome to the busy season.

Anyways, mailed off all my stuff today and talked to my trust agent today during lunch. I wrote my realtor and email when I got home from work and I'll call him tomorrow as well.

Matt H called me and we've set up a plan to hang out on wednesday night. This, of course, means that I have to clean my apartment. Bah. Ah well, should be done anyway.

Anyhoot, busy week ahead of me, must start working on it all.
Hey Megs, YOu know i have nothing but love in my heart for ye. . .you're one of the many i wouldn't mind seeing next time i'm up. LOCK AND LOAD, FEEL THE PAIN!!!!!!!
Bring it on boy, bring it on :-P