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So very, very, VERY tired. No more Texas. Please. No more callers who have no clue where they live. No more callers who are too lazy to get the nearest intersecting street. No more callers who have no frikkin clue what I mean when I ask for the nearest intersecting or cross street to their address. I don't want the nearest LARGE intersection, I want their intersection. The street you take to get onto your street. Not hard people, not hard.

I need to do laundry. I need to get quarters so I can do laundry. I need to pack. I really ought to eat something.

Green Bay tomorrow. This is why I've been working that extra hour every day. One extra hour of evil Texas callers and re entries. This trip had better be worth it.

I'm going to be cute Sat. night. I don't want to be sultry. I don't want to be mysterious. I don't want to be a clubber or bad ass. I don't want to put on a mask and try to compete with other girls for the attention of boys like I have done in the past. I'm going as sweet, simple Meg. I'm bringing spring with me, carried in my pocket, a breath of fresh air, a bit of California blooms. I am a California bloom.

I want my almond tree. I will BE the almond tree.

I will glow slightly in the twilight. I will smell sweet. I will have hints of purple, a sly grin, a genuine smile. I will talk with those who love me. I will blow off those who don't. I will be strong, I will bend.

I will have a good time.

Anyways, it's time for laundry. It's time to get quarters so I can DO laundry.

Have a good weekend everybody!

Pst - Mom, I'll give you a call when I get to Greebs, I know how you worry ~_^
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