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The meds I took last night worked pretty well at knocking me out. So far out that I slept through my alarm for an hour and a half. I was late to work, but it'll be okay. I still have that 4 hour shift on Sat. It effect my dreams as well. I didn't dream of work last night (thank GOD), but instead it was like a very strange animated/fantasy movie and somehow I ended up making out with Ashton Kutcher but ditched him to make out with some other guy who was shocked when I knew what animism was.

Yeah, makes no sense to me either. Why the hell was I dreaming about Ashton Kutcher!??!?!?

Anyhoot, I am feeling better right now. The sinus meds have been working and I was much more alert at work today. Not nearly as top notch as I should be, but at least I can focus on what the callers are telling me, instead of being all like "you're digging in WHAT state again?"

But I deposited my check (they gave me sick time for my bout with the flu! yay! free money!), then went and finally got my bar shortened. Now my tongue is even feeling better! I won't bite on the ball anymore. Rocking.

Awww, the stick-up-the-ass mods at the catholic community took off the dog exorsist entry before I had a chance to read it! Where is their sense of humor? Oh wait, it's an orthodox catholic journal...maybe I should just get rid of it. Everybody of good faith has been silenced and/or is afraid to talk.

And for those of you who don't know, I did get my car back this weekend. I didn't get to go up to Duluth to see my grandmother though, because the car wasn't ready until 8pm that night. I was grumpy and disapointed, but Grandma and I decided to find a nice weekend in may or june and spend the day down by the lake. But because I stayed here in town I ended up getting to hang out with a friend of the family whom I havn't seen in almost 2 years. It was kinda weird, like my worlds colliding, but it was also really great to see him.

Gaah, I have to tidy up my apt tonight. They're showing it to ppl tomorrow at 6:15. I also need a place to hide while they're doing that.
OK Meg..I added you as well. I read that post you were talking about last night. Pretty entertaining stuff. I'm thinking this week isn't going to work out. I'll give you a call to discuss it, otherwise you can write me back through this or through e-mail...I need to get some graphics up on my journal I decided. How does one go about doing that?
no worries on this week, just catch me back sometime when you're back in town, and I hope that your trip to Greebs is fun! I put in my request for the graduation, and hopefully I'll get that weekend off.

As for spiffing up your LJ, go to your user info page and up to the modify journal area. I can't give any real advice because a lot of this was just trial and error. There's quite a few help pages on LJ though!

I'm sure you can find some really spiffy icons though. Those are ALWAYS fun :)