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home·own·er: n.
One who owns a home.

see also householder

see also ME

Closing date is May 25th, which happens to be my friend Nick's 21st birthday and the 7th anniversary of when I dumped my 1st (and only) boyfriend.

Move in date is May 29th, if I asked nice and promised food and beverage, could I have some help?
I'm totally there, girlie! Karma can carry tons o' stuff...especially if I remove the seats. =) Let me know what time the fun begins. hehee
thank you muchly dearie! I'll give you a call closer to when things are all going down! Hope you had a great time at SS!
Living halfway across the world I obviously can't help, but....CONGRATS!!!!! =)
Thanks! NExt time you're in the states you should come to Mpls and visit me! :)
w00t! Go you!
I LIVE IN UPTOWN! Kinda....when you come out this summer, you'll HAVE to see it! :)
Totally. The plan as of now is the end of August. Probably the week before school starts. That way I can work without interuption and still get to go home. Go me.
Congrats dude! I'd help you move if I weren't a whole state away!
LOL that's alright, just make sure you come for the house warming party!