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One of the good things about not hearing from Realms of Fantasy yet is that it has given me time to pour over "Vows" in my head (for those of you who have not read the story, I posted my first draft here. This is the unedited draft. If you want the version I sent out, email me).

I realized this weekend how much I cheated Johanna. I mean, I REALLY cheated her. Here I am, broadly proclaiming the wonders that is the ability to choose our destiny, choose the path we walk, and I just basically forced my character to give things up.

But I didn't mean for it to be like that! I didn't mean for it to seem like she was weak! There are some roles that take a strong women to fill, but she always has a choice whether or not to fill that choice.

I did not give her that choice

Ever feel like a hypocrite in your own writing? Ever feel guilty about something you wrote?

I feel like I need to add a scene, one between Death and Johanna, but I have a fear that it would turn into something way too sappy, it would take away from some of the story.

Waiting just helps to show that perhaps Vows isn't ready yet, and so if Realms doesn't except it, I know why and know, perhaps, how to tackle the situation.

But holy christ, I feel dirty for what I did to her. It's not a fair thing to do to your main character.
hmmm. . .i know the feeling. I pour over these days all the time. ...like "i feel like having something bad happen to my guys hurts" . . . .its wierd, cause you almost live through the whole expeirence with the character and you want to give them a choice you don't. . .but in the end, it's just fiction.
it is just fiction, but sometimes when you cheat a character out of a good message, it reflects who you are, and perhaps your own hypocrisy. I'm working on that slowly.
you should send me a copy of the little minnow....I loved that story and I want to start my Meg Bridge collection :)
LOL what's your email addy and I'll send you a copy.

Oh, and as a writer, the name is "Margaret Bridge," Meg simply stands alone ;) I'm picky about my name :-P
so sorry Ms. Margaret Bridge...just send it to my SNC addy. amylou.vetter and all that jazz.