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Despite the fact that the kings lost (grr)

I got my home owners insurance and new car insurance Sat. afternoon. That was a very good feeling.

Last night I got a call from Timmy who told me to hustle down to Vera's to meet his new boy (of whom I approve whole heartedly). I played a couple hands of 2 deck fucked up rummy (and lost) and was adopted by 2 more gay boys (both of whom are VERY sweet). I was going to head off at 9:30 for Kareokee with eowynmn and saltygoodness, but alas and alack, it was canceled over at porters. So I hung out at Vera's some more with silly boys (who attacked me for most of the night).

Today I called my mom (accidently waking her up. I forgot that Newman's mass doesn't start till 10). I packed my movies up and did my dishes, then ran off to xerox my diploma and get some grocs and kitty litter. I almost missed the storm and had to dodge hail as I ran to my car. THe storm was really quite awesome. I love good storms.

And I am REALLY looking forward to next weekend. I'm going to see so many people who I REALLY want to see, most importantly Disco (if he can make it up). Jess will be up, so will Sam. I'll get to see my people walk and just have a great time. I'm really excited about seeing these people. Once again, I will talk to those who love me, and not worry about those who don't.

It's amazing what happens when you just let go sometimes.
Is Tim's phone working now?
nope - his mom shut it off when he moved out and he can't afford a new one yet.
Does his apartment have a phone? Address? I'd like to be able to communicate with him in some way/shape/form.

How you doing?
2222 Blaisdale Ave #302, Minneapolis. No phone at his place though. His new boy is nice.

Doing alright. Kinda tired from work these days, and I have to pack. So yeah.

How's finals?
Finished my bio one today. Have one tomorrow and two on wed. They going okay, but they're finals. I hate packing. I feel your pain. I'll be in MN on the 20th of August for my sisters wedding. Which is on the 28th, then leaving the next day. So hopefully I'll be able to see your new place then. I'm just going to have to write Tim then. Bah on him. But hey, new boy is of the good.