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There were times.

There was time.

And now there is eternity.

Her hands have gone beyond burned. Angry red calluses have built up over once delicate hands. Hands so delicate they could fold the thinest of pastries. Deft hands that could pinch crusts so well no filling ever spilled out. Soft hands that used to soothe his brow and brush away the strands of hair that would fall into his eyes. Now her hands were rough and hard. The acid had eaten away at most of her flesh and it was only through rote memory that she remembered how to hold the bowl over his head.

But there were times.
Awesome. I love that look into her mind. Something that Gaiman never showed us. Thanks.
*sighs* I can't escape him can I?

But really, Loki's wife is really interesting. I want to explore her some more.
You totally should. She's this wonderful background character that I just forget about. Then you come along and make me want to know why she stays with him. Is it some twisted love? Habit? Self-torture? What?
I'm still not sure on that one yet. It's been plauging me. So far I've only seen her mentioned once, and that's when they bind loki to the rock and she holds the bowl over his head. Sometimes she's referenced as his "wife", with the quotations, which makes me think that there is some dispute over whether or not she really was his wife at all.

I think, perhaps, that maybe they were just really good friends. And if so, what did he offer her in the friendship that would cause so much dedication on her behalf? Loki is Chaos, which is why the gods were so wrathful when he betrayed them. I think it was because they trusted Loki when they knew full well that Loki could not be trust (you can't take Chaos for granted). Maybe Signy understood what it meant to be friends with chaos.

This is as much an exploration of Signy as it is on friendship and Loki himself. I'm having a grand time reading about Norse mythology but I wonder how much I can tell without changing Loki's character.
Loki's one of those ambivilant characters that just seem to say something diffrent to everyone. You'd have to do something pretty extream to betray him, but I think regardless most people would think that you wrote him OOC. But that's just my opinion. Norse mythos kicks so much ass. I totally need to read more about it. Although I think she is Loki's wife, but Loki wasn't exactly the faithful type ya know? Anyways. I'm looking forward to more of whatever you write. Loves.
Loki was REEEEEEEEALLY unfaithful, which is why I don't think they were married. Or, perhaps, it was a marriage of convience. But I keep going back to "what did Loki give her that meant so much?" What was so important about the relationship? I don't want to write her off as a psycho lady who stays with a cheating husband because she can't leave him blah blah blah, so I want there to be a story behind that some how. Something that gives her something else.

But even still, there is a core to Loki that I cannot break, and that is his inherent nature of chaos. I have a friend back in greebs that reminds me a lot of Loki, and it's why I never take our friendship for granted. So I'm thinking of working off of that a bit.
It's a conundrum. Who was she exactly? I mean where did she come from and how did the two of them get "married?"