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Kings won, I can go to bed happy.

Tomorrow will be good :)
I can't stay awake for these damn games unless they're on the weekend. Yeah, yeah...Kings Win. The series should be over by now, but like you said, the Kings have a tendency to lose it in the 4th quarter. I say it will be Wolves in 7. But then they'll get beat by the Spurs in the Western Conference finals.
I have to say that it wasn't the best game ever. And it's so true, Kings have HORRID defense. And I'm not sure if it was good passing or just dumb luck on behalf of the kings last night...but there was some good handling.

The only saving grace was they kept themselves in check and didn't run up a string of fouls. Once they start, it's a chain reaction and they just hand the game over.

Some time it's hard to be a king's fan.