Megmander (fantom07) wrote,

Utility Gnomes

So according to Minnesota state law, once you file a ticket with gopher state you have 96 hours from the start date and time as stated on the ticket excluding weekends and holidays to start your digging. This sorta makes sense, because probably somewhere a group of scientists actually sat down and monitored how long it takes before the line markings start to fade (meaning that they watched grass grow and got paid for it. Someone remind me why I switched majors?). You also must update your ticket after 10 business days (probably for the same reason.)

I love having to explain this to people when they ask me why we have this rule.

"Are the lines going to move in those 4 days?"

My reply

"Yes. In the middle of the night when you sleep, little gnomes from the utilities come and move the lines. They also add new lines. In fact, if you stay up tonight you might even see them creeping along your lawn. They only way to stop them is to start digging. They have an inborn fear of shovels."

People keep telling me that my time here at Gopher State will provide me with lots of good story ideas. Right now it's just providing me with proof that the human race is populated with morons. I'm going to join in with Chris to destroy all stupid people then move to the moon base death star with Nick.
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