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I am very tired and about to go to bed.

Good weekend was had. Working on Sats aren't too bad. It's really relaxed and lots of time to laugh with co-workers (who decided to tease me all day, it was funny.) Went to see Moulin Rouge with MA and her friend Nick. It was fabulous to see it on the big screen again.

Today I cleaned. And cleaned. And packed. And I can't believe that I'm doing this. I'm moving. I'm owning my own place. It's freaky. I just need to survive this week and eveyrthing will be alright.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Mr. Hawkenson! Hope your day goes well.
Thanks for the salutation Meg. Want to get together next week? Unfortunately, I can’t this week as I’m going to Chicago to visit some friends. But…Next week should work out just fine. I have another interesting Ebay story for you. This time it’s someone that is refusing to pay because he saw that there was a similar item for a lot cheaper so now he’s calling what I posted a “scam” and he would never buy my shitty stuff.
I’m beginning to think that Ebay isn’t all that sweet….Well I’m off. Thanks again. Tonight it’s dinner with the fam and maybe some presents.
next week would work better for me anyways - I'm working on moving all this week (I close tomorrow! Squee!!) and this weekend will be a flurry of packing and moving.

Sorry that ebay is sucking balls right now, but hey, if you want you could try to sell my old feather bed, I'd cut you a deal on it.

ANyhoot - have fun in chicago this week and I hope that dinner with your rents went well!