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I called in sick today so I could get a massive amount of chores done. So far I am right on schedule and things are coming along nicely.

ANYHOOT - I realized I was going to post details about the move.

IF YOU ARE FREE THIS SATURDAY MORNING it would mean the world to me if you could help me move. The more people we have the faster it will go and I will provide beverages and food for those who help (ie Soda and Pizza and possibly beer, or something completely different if you so choose).

For those of you who can help me this weekend, the plan is to meet at my apt at 9:00am on Sat. My address (which I will post because I'm only living here for 3 more days) is

3050 Ewing Ave S #208
Minneapolis, MN

If you need directions, just give me a holler. I basically live in the se corner of France and W Lake St. Drop me a line if this is cool. I understand that the world is moving this weekend, and it is a holiday, but if you have some time to spare, that would RAWK :)
What time do you want Brian and I to be there? We can't use the van due to expired tabs, however, I did manage to bum my mom's station wagon. Yay for the grocery getter!! Wo0t!
9am dahlin! 9am!
Good lord.....You want me up and in Mpls by 9am?!?! Geez you're so demanding. hehe. Just kidding. I'll see you tomorrow bright eyed and bushy tailed with a cup of coffee in hand. =)