Okay, well, maybe it's not. But it sure feels that way sometimes. "Fuck You!" was my reply to just about everything this morning.

"Hey Meg."
"Fuck you!"
"Okay, um, why?"
"Because it's Fuck You monday."
"Okay, well, Fuck You! I'm going to class. See ya sweetie."
"Fuck You! bye hun."

But it was weird. Our little gathering outside of coffrin ballooned today. Normally it's just me, Nick, and Nob smokin before we have to get to class. But today, DAMN! Like, we were hella popular or something! People just kept coming to talk to us (actually, it was me they were talking to, not to be egotistical or anything (sorry guys)). Even still though, it was so odd to have people cluttering the doorway to Cofrin! Kinda cool too!

I like exclamation points!