Megmander (fantom07) wrote,


Alrighty folks, this is the last post for a week. Seeing how I am moving tomorrow and they won't be able to hook up my cable until the 5th, I will be incommunicado for the next 7 days.

BUT FEAR NOT! You can always reach me on my cell phone should the need arise!

In the meantime I figure time without internet and cable will give me all the time I need to start unpacking and situating myself in the new place (I hate unpacking as much as I hate packing. I mean, it's almost midnight and I'm not finished yet...although I'm going to tell people not to worry about any of the kitchen - I will take care of that on sunday when I do all the massive cleaning).

So yeah, there's the boxes, containers of clothes, and furniture. If we buckle down we'll be able to make it work. I am apprehentious about it all though - I worry that we won't have room, no one will show up, all the typical stuff that makes me a crazy female.

Anyways, there's still some more stuff I need to take care of. I shall talk to y'all in a week!
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