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I'm also being very lazy seeing how my uterus is falling out.

So far I've had a fairly decent weekend. Friday night I went over to Survivor Plymouth and had dinner with Kelly, Randy, Courtney, Speedy and Jake. Quotes of the evening include:
Speedy: She got all whiney and emoish because I didn't come...again.

Kelly: It's fun to be vocal during sex!
Jake: I know! Like "Dude, get the fuck off me!"

I was supposed to meet Timmy at Vera's, but after dinner I was just too tired, so I went home, read for a bit and went to bed.

Saturday I was awoken by Sasha who demanded to be fed at 9:30am. He's a very demanding kitty and wouldn't leave me alone until I got up and put food in his bowl. It was alright, though, because I needed to be awake. The cable guy came and hooked me up with some sweet sweet internet access (as proven by my last post) and I then spent the rest of the morning catching up on a week of LJ (I'm a sad sad addict, I really am).

My realtor Dave also stopped by on Saturday to see how I was settling in and to give me a house warming present. He brought me a nice piece of crockery that he and his wife collect and a gift card to Barnes and Nobles. He said he normally gives out home depot cards but seeing how I'm just living in a condo, he figured he'd feed my book addiction.

Let me tell you, nothing dispels guilt like buying a ton of books. I ended up buying:
Tortilla Flats - Steinbeck,
Lady Oracle - Atwood
The Subtle Knife - Pullman
The Last Continent - Pratchett
The Complete Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde
A Song of Ice and Fire (the 3 books so far) - Martin
Breakfast of Champions - Vonnegut

yeah, I'm going to have many good nights of reading ahead of me.

Also, last night eowynmn and I went to see Pat McCurdy and had a GRAND time. I stuck a dollar in his pants. We got up and danced to Sex and Beer (along with everybody else) and it was fabulous. I'm a little hoarse today but it was well worth it.

So that's been my weekend. Today has been pretty well laid back and I'm enjoying it.
You stuck a dollar in his pants? lol I must have missed that one!
heehee yeah, it was when he was dancing right infront of us to "Let's Get It On" I mean, I TOTALLY had to stick a dollar in his pants for that :)