Megmander (fantom07) wrote,

Helloooooooooooooooo Summer!

It's just past nine and still over 80 degrees outside. It's also humid as all get out which means that opening the windows to get the air circulating would be pretty damn useless.

Yes, summer has arrived - of course, I said this about spring back in March so it may just be a naughty ruse.

The seasons like to fuck with my mind.

Bad summer. Naughty summer.

In other news of no importance, I went to Lane Bryant to buy some new bras seeing how when I did the mad cleaning the past few weeks I realized that I only had about 3 comfortable bras and 2 not so comfortable emergency bras (emergency bras are much like Torg's emergency pants). I also realized that some of my bras were just plain dead (I'm starting to understand now why guys hold on to their ratty nasty ass underwear for so long) and I had to throw them away (I may understand why guys hold on to their not so tidy whities but that sure as hell doesn't mean I'm going to do the same).

It's rather hard for me to find bras that fit well. Even though I am an over weight female, this does not mean that I have huge breasts. Mine are average (I would say) and have been dubbed "Non Threatening" by Joshie (it's where the bosom of refuge started). In fact, you could even say they were a bit on the small size. But even still - finding a bra that comfortably fits shouldn't be this hard.

But imagine my surprise and joy when I found that Lane Bryant has finally brought back the tank tops with built in bras! They sold them about 3 years ago and then (being the typical bastards that they are) got rid of them all together. I have no idea why. I fucking LOVED the ones I had. I still have the black halter top but alas and alack, had to throw away the white tank just a few months ago. They are very comfortable and provide just enough support for my non threatening boobies. For larger women with boobs that are not as proportionate to the rest of her body, this this a wonderful WONDERFUL thing. This will be the summer of free range boobies.

I also tried on some capri and short pants while I was there.

Yeah - BIG mistake.

God has not blessed me with good legs. It also doesn't help that my legs are rather stubby, flabby and as pale as a beached whale. I normally just resign myself to a decent pair of pants and leave it at that. Today I decided that maybe I should try something different – see if I could work myself up to maybe shorts by building my confidence with capris.

I looked like an oompa-loompa. I am NOT joking.

The shortness of the pants just make my legs look even more unproportionate. Some how they made it look like my thighs were longer than my body and that my calves were non existent. I have no idea how that happened, but I'm wearing pants this summer. Again.

Over all, it was a good shopping excursion. I am now the proud owner of 4 tank tops, 4 semi-comfy bras (they were on sale), 5 pairs of panties (sale again - btw - some one should remind me to post about the hierarchy of panties one day), a pair of stretch flares, and a nice skirt for a summer's evening. I have some nice outfits for the summer and I should really go back and buy more tank tops, lord only knows when they'll be in fashion next...
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