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I am taking today off and working a saturday shift. Saturdays aren't too bad actually - really low key and the time goes by quickly. I'd rather work a slow saturday if it means that I don't have to deal with the stress of a normal work day. It's been getting to me this week for some reason. On friday I will start my new shift of working 9-6 which will be REALLY nice for me.

Last night I went to the groc store and finally filled up my shelves and fridge with nice food. I'm thinking of making fajitas tonight :) My kitchen is getting organized (which is GOOD) and I need to start working on the den now (books in boxes is not good. They need to be on my shelves!!).

Going to Lunch with Timmy and his mom pretty soon at benihanas (mmmmm delicious fooooood for free!). Then I'll come home and finish some of the chores I really need to do.

Anyhoot, that is all in the boring life of Meg. Carry on now, nothing to see here.
Saturday shifts manning the phones rock. Back when I was still working tech support, I'd sometimes get "stuck" with the Saturday shift...ok, I requested it. But, seriously. It's the one day of the week you can come in hungover with little chance of getting in trouble about it, a distinctly lower volume of phone calls, and fewer people actually coming down to the office. That, and we were able to tell people to "wait about twenty minutes for the servers to refresh" and no one was there to call BS on our part. The best Saturday ever, though, was the final day I was working at that job. Knowing that I really didn't need to be responsible about anything, I started off the shift with a strong mixed drink. At work. Yes, that was quite the day. Adam and I were sauced halfway through our shift, and I believe by the end of the day we were making up excuses as to why people were having computer problems when they called in. I believe many people were told to "bring your computer in on Monday when the normal tech support crew comes back in" that day. Considering the fact that I was done with that job after that shift, and that Adam was taking a week's vacation as soon as Monday rolled around, we felt no remorse in increasing the workload for the other asshats we worked with...ahh, fond memories of that job...
hahaha yes - you've told me that story before, but it just gets better :-P

Saturday shifts here are abit different - we only take emergency calls for minnesota, but we also take calls from Texas, North Dakota, Missouri, Maryland, Delaware, Kansas, and I think West Virginia (but I only take emergencys from a few of those too). I also have to do call outs and faxes, but for the most part it's just me chatting it up with my co workers. I love using the line "call back durring normal hours and the regular staff will help you." Nothing makes me feel better than dodging actual work by pleading ineptitude.

Oh, that and getting paid to read a book. Yeah, good times :)