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Gopher State let me go today due to my accumulation of tardies. THey did warn me, but only after I had already a hefty amount. I did my best not to go over on my breaks, but if you are one minute over that counts and it didn't help with my stress levels in May with all the calls I had to make to my realtor/bank/loan officer.

They don't like the policy much either because they didn't want to see me go.

All I have to say is: Shit.

I mean, granted, I didn't like the job all that much and I wanted to find a new one, but looking for a job is MUCH easier when you HAVE job. It's the sense of security (and the paycheck). I mean, I have a mortgage to pay now, I can't not have a job.

So I've already updated my resume and have sent it off to a few place (things such as telemarketing (GAG!) and secretarial and office work).

I even called the place that alexlucard posted.

Oh joy. I get to do the whole job search over again. yay me.
Good luck with all of that
Thanks VVer - how are things going with your brother? My lawyer cousins couldn't really help - none of it was in their fields.
:( That totally sucks.

Matt just called and said, um... someone (??) and Jenny miss you already and that Adam didn't find out until 11. And then he said that someone's husband (Jenny again, perhaps? God I suck with messages!) got fired from Gopher and then went over to Alina Health Care where they have a call center, and is doing really well. So she suggested you try applying there.

Also, we're wondering if you might want to do something tomorrow night? Maybe games and drinking and visiting our new apartment and new kitty?
It was Roxi. Roxi and Jenny are sad, and Jenny's husband did go work for Allina Medical. Jenny also gave me her phone number to give to you (Meg), so that you can complete any outstanding kitty transactions your may have. Or something.

This really blows. This is the first time that I've seen a GOOD operator get fired for having tardies/occurances. I've seen much worse ones stay around much longer (their tardies may get mysteriously erased or something).

If you need a reference, feel free to list me. I was your supervisor, after all.

Thanks both of you for the nice words - it totally does blow goats right now. I mean, I didn't really LOVE Gopher State, but I did like the co workers and I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to any of them. They just said "This really sucks, but we have to let you go. I mean, this really REALLY sucks. But there's nothing we can do."

I would love to come over and hang tonight - it does sound like a lot of fun and I'd love to meet Taco (hahah Taco Cat is a palindrome! Is that how he got the name?). The fact that I've lost my job hasn't really sunk in yet so I think being around people might help it not come crashing down when it does (I managed NOT to cry when they told me. Mainly 'cause I just didn't want to cry on a friday morning)

So thanks again and give me a call or a message with details on tonight :)
and I read that wrong - you said TOMORROW night! I'm not with it like AT ALL call and games would be great :)
Yes, we did say tomorrow night. Which is now tonight. And we will call you later this afternoon (Matt has to work until 5 and I'm seeing a movie with my mom).

And I never thought of the whole palindrome thing with Taco, but that's about the coolest thing ever and now I'm going to pretend that's why we named him that.
Bah! Though I know you didn't exactly want to be taking calls from Texans who think your voice is sexy for the rest of your life, that totally totally sucks. Being jobless and searching is not cool, and this is coming from someone who doesn't have to worry about mortgages. Good luck in your search, keep me posted on the details.
Thanks for the love and yeah - this does suck more than a 2 dollar whore with no teeth. Will keep you posted (will keep EVERYONE posted) and I already have a job interview with a telemarketing place *SIGH*. I've also sent out my resume to 3 other places. Just cross your fingers and think good thoughts for me.
at least you have unemployment comp, right?
Best of luck Beep, I *know* you will find something.
yes, file for unemployment, immediately. You can do it online, and it pays well. take a week off. find a good job.
I love you, I'm sorry, good luck!
Aw crap, Meg. I'm sorry this had to happen. I'm also sorry that I was telling you about my new job when we talked on Friday, not knowing that this had happened. You'll find something soon, I'm sure. You have 1 year experience over all the other new graduates, so that's something to consider.
Hey buddy - don't feel too bad, and we had talked on Thursday, not friday, so it hadn't happened yet, there's no reason to feel guilty!

I think it'll be alright - if the reaction from the temp agency was anything, I think I'll be able to find a job shortly.

Still on for drinks on weds? I mean, I pretty much have a wide open calendar these days.
That SUCKS. =(