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One Interview Down

I had my first interview this morning at TempForce in DownTown. It went fairly well. I brought my resume and 2 references (Geo from SNC and Matt from Gopher). They had me fill out a billion forms then had me take some basic tests (which I did VERY well on. The lady was quite impressed by my typing skills as well as my skills with excel and word).

The interview went well too - I told her that while I can be very good at data entry, my real talents would be wasted. I enjoy challenges and if none are present will make my own (which I did at gopher state: how many calls can I take in a day? how quickly can I take a ticket? It was me against the blinking lights). I think it went well and she gave me a packet with a ton of information that I'm still going through.

SO the first hurdle has been jumped and jumped well. I will spend the rest of this week hopefully getting more interviews and staying in touch the the peeps at TempForce. I feel good about the positive reaction I got from them - it makes me optimistic that maybe I'm not a worthless failure and that I can succeed in the current job market.

By the by - it was really fun to be walking Down Town today - one year ago I felt lost amidst the buildings. Now I feel comfortable and hope that someday I'll be working in one of them.

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