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I had my first interview this morning at TempForce in DownTown. It went fairly well. I brought my resume and 2 references (Geo from SNC and Matt from Gopher). They had me fill out a billion forms then had me take some basic tests (which I did VERY well on. The lady was quite impressed by my typing skills as well as my skills with excel and word).

The interview went well too - I told her that while I can be very good at data entry, my real talents would be wasted. I enjoy challenges and if none are present will make my own (which I did at gopher state: how many calls can I take in a day? how quickly can I take a ticket? It was me against the blinking lights). I think it went well and she gave me a packet with a ton of information that I'm still going through.

SO the first hurdle has been jumped and jumped well. I will spend the rest of this week hopefully getting more interviews and staying in touch the the peeps at TempForce. I feel good about the positive reaction I got from them - it makes me optimistic that maybe I'm not a worthless failure and that I can succeed in the current job market.

By the by - it was really fun to be walking Down Town today - one year ago I felt lost amidst the buildings. Now I feel comfortable and hope that someday I'll be working in one of them.
Good luck! sounds like you are going to do just fine!
Dude, TempForce! That's awesome, man. Sounds like an elite squad of temporary crime-fighters.
we fight crime on a part time basis.

It's like if a crime force loses one of it's members, we fill in for the time being. It's kinda hard though, and I don't look good in spandex