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Holy Crap.

MA - I totally owe you my first born child. OR, better yet, I will gladly carry and birth your child for you.

THANK YOU FOR THE TICKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so I went and saw The Shins tonight at 1st Ave. At first I didn't think I was going to make it - I had a previous movie date with a friend, the show started at 5 and the movie wouldn't get out till 6:00 (by the way, The Day After Tomorrow isn't that bad of a movie. Horribly inaccurate science that makes you want to tear your hair out, but it's an alright movie. And I really like "This is how the world will end" movies too). MA had told me there were 2 opening bands, so I figured I could still make the main show.

Well, I get there and the second band hadn't even started, so I went up stairs, got myself a drink, watched Cowboy Bebop that they had playing (side note - CbBb just isn't the same without the music. Yeah, the story is still awesome, but I think what makes that anime is TOTALLY the soundtrack. But I digress). The 2nd band played. They were Calexico, kinda a rock marriachi band. I like their brass, but not so much the whole sound. THey did have a lot of energy and I think the audience liked them as well.

Then The Shins Played. Those who know me know that I only get my panties in a bundle for one band: Cake. Well, I think I may have another band that has the same effect on my undergarments. I had downloaded a few of their songs before hand and had really enjoyed their sound. For me, being the inept music person that I am, I can't really describe it well. Reminds me alot of The Association - mid 60's American rock. I'm really not surprised that The Shins are from the West Coast.

They put on a good show and I ended up getting their new CD, Chutes Too Narrow. As I said, I was familiar with some of their songs, and now I'm glad I went and heard them. They played St. Simon, and I REALLY liked their live version much more than the one on the CD. They played it a bit faster and a littler harder, giving it a much different sound.

Overall, I think I've found another band that I could actually invest some time in. I'm a picky girl - not many bands strike my fancy. I mean, sure, I like a lot of songs out there, and some artists are cool and stuff, but I think I could put as much dedication into The Shins as I do with Cake (who should have their 5th album out this fall).

It was a great show. And once again - I TOTALLY owe you big time MA! You ROCK!
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