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The Beatings Will Continue Until Moral Improves

Not been having a good day today.

Been keeping busy cleaning and organizing, basically doing anything with my hands that keeps me active. My brother's scarf has about 3 ft left until it's done. Then I can start on the blanket.

I finally got the rejection letter from Realms of Fantasy saying that it just wasn't their kind of story. Ah well, so it goes. I'll send it to Tales of the Unanticipated next - at least I'll get feedback from them so I know what the hell is wrong with a story that has gotten the most praise from my peers. But I also know I am still finding my own voice and maturing as a writer. As a friend of mine always points out, there is a reason why most authors are in their 30s. Even still, the feed back will be most appreciated and is definitely desired.

I just have to put in here that boys are stupid and egotistical. No offense to most of my guy friends, just those who think that every time I'm having guy related issues it MUST be about them. No other male. Only then. And I've never gotten over them. At all. In fact, my loins must still burn for them and hanging out must equate to making out because how could ANYBODY get over them? They are just SO wonderful *rolls eyes*

This behavior is not acceptable gentleman. Please, for the love of humanity, get over yourselves. *I* have. Now you just annoy me. Bah.

So yeah, as I said, been having an off day. Might go sing some Karaoke tonight with eowynmn. I need to finish putting together my new shelves I got for my movies and then organizing my movie collection. This could take some time, but it needs to be done.

*sighs* I really miss having a job to complain about. My job was more interesting than my life. How fucking sad is THAT?
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