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Name Meme

1. What is your full name? Margaret Elizabeth Ann Brigid Bridge
2. How did your parents come up with that? I was named after both my grandmothers, Ann is a family name and Brigid is my confirmation name.
3. Do you know the meaning of your name(s)? Yes:
  • Margaret means pearl
  • Elizabeth means consecrated to god
  • Ann means ever gracefull
  • Brigid means strength

4. Are any of your names patron saints? Yes:
  • Margaret is the patron saint of mental illness
  • Elizabeth is the patron saint of women with deceiving husbands
  • Ann is the patron saint of pregnant women
  • Brigid is the patron saint of poets

5. Do you like your name? Yes I do.
6. Is there any part of your name you don't like? Actually - the only thing I don't like is when people call me "Meg Bridge." If you have to use my last name, please use the formal "Margaret". I'm really weird like that.
7. Do you have any nicknames? Well, there's Fantom and Isis, but for the most part the world knows me as Meg.
8. Any ideas of what you'd like to name your kids? I've always been partial to "Jonathan Andrew" for a boy, and I'd like to name my daughter (should I ever have one) the same way I was named.
9. Any odd facts about your name? All of my names belong to queens.
10. Just for fun, add up the letters in your name then keep adding the digits until you get one number. What's the number? 5
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