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So what do YOU have planned for this weekend?
(Deleted comment)
but hey, you'll also be spending large(ish) ammonts of money on furniture. That's ALWAYS fun!
I personally could not tell you-I intend to find some fireworks somewhere I suppose.
ILLEGAL fireworks?!?!?! KEEN!
Having ppl from college come to my house for a mid-summer break party shin-dig. Nothing too fancy :)
awesome! Mid summer break parties are always the best :)
I'll be gettin blitzed somehwere in minnesota. . . . .care to join me?
not sure yet - I heard Amy's party got canceled so I might be headed up north to visit my relatives. But if there are other plans in the cities, I'm game.
Did her party really get cancelled? And why am I always the last to know? Grr! Plan B, anyone???
That's what Mike told me on weds night.

My plan B is that I'm going north to see some family.

I might have to cancel now. . . .i might be stayin home, depending on the weather.
How likely would you be able to come down to GB on a monday and tuesday?? probably at the begining of August. I was thinking of having my house warming party around that time but I want to schedule it around your party. Let me know what days workd gooed for you