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him: jessica simpson is being considered for the next bond girl
me: aaaaaaaaaaugh!!!!!!!!
me: blech blech!
him: and in other news, johnnie depp bought an island
me: ooo
me: maybe it has a lot of rum on it
him: heh
me: and he and I could get stranded there
me: and drink the rum.
me: and he'd put the moves on me
him: with his wife and kids
me: then pass out
me: and I'd burn the rum
me: and his wife and kids
him: heh
him: but why is my family gone?
CAuse you can look right through me, walk right by me and never know I'm there.

*dances around*

Cellophane, Mr. Cellophane shoulda been my name, Mr. Cellophane
YAY! Another Chicago fan!

Common babe why don't we paint the town? *snap snap* And all jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazz!

I try and dance for you, but no! You sign off before I get back to my computer! I dance in spit of you! ::Does spiteful dance:: I just noticed that I typed that as "I dance in spit of you" instead of "in spite of you,' but I'm too lazy to go back and correct it. Wow...maybe I should have taken my medecine today. Hmm...