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I really enjoy the movie High Fidelity. There's a quote from that movie that sums up EXACTLY how I feel about some of my friends:

Lewis: You guys are snobs.
Dick: No we're not.
Lewis: No seriously, you guys are total elitists - You feel like the unappreciated scholar so you shit on the people who know less than you...
Barry, Dick, & Rob (in unison): No!
Lewis: Which is everyone.
Barry, Dick, & Rob (in unison): Yes
Lewis: It's just sad, that's all...

I mean, seriously, what are you trying prove with this kind of stuff? Are you trying prove that you're just that much better? You've listened to that many records, you've read that many books. You can quote literary critiques and you guys can listen to anybody who's been published. But if one person makes a statement, all of a sudden it's all "You know NOTHING! NOTHING I SAY!!!"

What game are we playing? "Geekier than thou?" "I'm more emoish than you?" "Fear my mad book collection?" I just don't understand it. It's like a badge of honor or something. You can't know more than books than me because I'm older and I must be smarter than you and you disagree with my ideas which just so happen to be right because I read them in a book. No, I'm not going to listen to you, but I am going to tell you that you're wrong.

Good debates (in my opinion) aren't about crushing the opponent until they can't breathe and don't want to pick up a book again. That's not cool. A good debate, or dialog, would be both parties willing to listen, not you just sitting there smug as a bug just knowing that you're right and they're wrong.

I have so many friends who claim that they live logically, they deal with people logically and therefor, are much better than the rest of the world. There's a problem with that though - who's logic are you using? Yours, you smug egotistical bastards. Your logic does is not the same as the logic that governs the rest of the world. Your logic is what you created, so of course it's going to be right. You've made your rules and you get mad/annoyed/frustrated/a superiority complex when people follow them.

It's easy to be the best person in the world when that world exists of only you.

I just find it annoying when people don't listen to the other side of an argument because they automatically assume it's wrong because it's not theirs. What's even more funny is that at least one of my friends has complained of a professor doing the exact same thing that he's doing himself. He hated that professor so much that he vowed never to take a class with him again and ended up missing some really great classes.

So what is this? Is this pride getting in the way? Why are people so damn elitist? I just don't understand. It's like they've built their personalities around the fact that they are smart and got picked on for it. Obviously they are superior beings that should be treated with respect. But anyways, it's like they made their one defining part of themselves their knowledge. Thus, if someone were to challenge that, of course they have to act superior to them. It's not their knowledge they are defending, but their own selves now.

What annoys me is when all these "nerdier than thou" folks all tell me how they just want a place where they can exist. They want a little smart people utopia. I hate this idea. First off because I don't think I'd be invited to go, Secondly because it's cutting people out of the human race, Thirdly becuase it's JUST PLAIN STUPID. Think about it. YOu have a group of people who know themselves only as people smarter than other people. All it's going to be is one big snot fest of people proving how smart they are to other people.

Look guys - there will always be jackasses in the world. You know those preppy kids in highschool who laughed whenever you got something right? Guess what - a meteor didn't fall from the sky and kill them. Oh, and that hockey player in college who never took discussions seriously? Nothing bad is going to happen to him. Or that class clown who took away from your "valuable learning time"? Yeah, he's not homeless on the street.

You're not special or different just because you like to read or listen to music or think. The world is not going to bow to you, especially if you keep treating people like they are inferior little bits of scum.

You're not better because you wrote a book. You're not better because you refuse to submit your work because you don't think anybody will understand it. You're not better because you think out of the box.

The only thing you elitists are better at is destroying people. I guess that makes you happy.

It's just sad. That's all.
First of all, i LOVE that movie. Secondly, sweeeeeeeeet rant, i totally agree :0)
High Fidelity is great. I want to marry John Cusack because of it. He made my loins swelter through the whole film :)
"I have so many friends who claim that they live logically, they deal with people logically and therefor, are much better than the rest of the world."

If someone actually said that to me, I really don't know what I would say. Probably nothing, but maybe a smile and a "Really?" to urge them to stick that foot further down their esophogus.

First off, when did logic become the mercury in our ethical thermometors? Don't Dadaists get a say?

Second off, logic, in most cases, is only useful when commuicating to other people. It does nothing by itself. If you use the idea that you're more logical than other people to seal yourself off from communicating with them, then I would say that you're doing yourself a disservice.

If you're so damn logical, you should be able to MAKE THEM UNDERSTAND THINGS. Not just bitch and moan that they are a bunch of heathens and philistines. Sure, it's hard, and sure it's a lot easier to just hang out with people who've already got it all figured out. But, once you have it all figured out, then it's not logic anymore.

It's Dogma.

But, god, life is just so much easier when you don't have to THINK anymore...


P.S. I'll have a package for you next week sometime. Earlier if you want to come help me use my mom's ancient paper cutter.

I do have a friend who has claimed that he lives a better existance because everything he does is logical, and treats people the same way. He also lives in his own little world run by his own little rules and keeps wondering why his relationships fall apart (actually, he doesn't - he blames the other person for not being logical but is always surprised when they aren't...)

Sure! I'll help with the cutting of the paper! Yaaaaaay!
Yeah, I've definitely been called an elitist in the past, but judging by my track record my apparent intelligence hasn't really done much for me in college. I won't refute your points, because I can see the truth in them, but I did have one point of contention: You comment about the "Hockey players who never took discusions seriously." It never hurts to go into things with a relaxed attitude, and humor has a definite place in the classroom, but I have experienced times when it goes too far. When class is interrupted on a daily basis by the professor needing to get a certain person to just STFU because they are making comments that have no relation at all to the class, it does detract from the learning experience. At one point in my life, I was of the opinion that class is dragged down by people who were less "smart" than I was, however I realized that that's just life. It's a nice little utopian thought that classes could be filled only with bright minds who have something to contribute, but as that is a judgement in and of itself ("bright minds" could easily be defined as only those whose point of view coincides with oneself), there's nothing to be gained from thinking that way. I think elitism stems from a disillusionment from "the way things are." A common rhetoric is "well, if I was in his/her position, things wouldn't be shitty like this." A question to ask such people is, accordingly "Why aren't you in that position, then?" Ah well, I woke up after a few hours of sleep so I'm just rambling. Back to bed for me. Interesting post!
I guess I was leading to a point that I never made about how things aren't just handed to you - and a lot of elitists I know expect that. Classes should be handed to them, professors should be at their beck and call (or is that becconed call? I dunno, it's early). A lot of elitists I know don't take personal responsibility (are we shocked that I said this? no). Classes are what you make of them, and you have the ability to get over those annoying people in life. Yeah it sucks sometimes but the world will not cater to you.

I always used to ask freshman how they felt their first year of college went, and I would be annoyed by people who were all "It wasn't what I expected. I was dissapointed with the maturaty levels of my fellow classmates." It's like they thought that all those bad people from high school just dissapeared. Unfortuantely, they don't, and won't. No matter where you go, there will be assholes - and most of the time they won't get their come uppance.. The best way is to just deal with it and move on.