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Based on an IM conversation I was having with a friend today, I pose the following question to all readers/lurkers/random surfers:

Is there a hierarchy of weblogging, and if so, what is it?

Questions for further consideration - Is Blogspot on the same level as LiveJournal or DeadJournal, or is it higher? What is the bottom rung of bloggers? Who are the über-bloggers? Where do you feel your own blog lies?

Anybody is free to answer this, even if I don't know you. I am very interested in what people have to say.
Livejournal is the center of my universe.
hahahha and yet - you hardly post...iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinteresting....
I hardly ever post anymore cause I don't have a computer at home.

And to clarify, I don't really read blogs elsewhere, because I've got so much on lj already to keep up with...
hmm, do LJ uses read mostly LJs and not other blogs, and vise versa?

Like, do you think it's taboo for a blog outside of LJ to link to a LiveJournal?
Livejournal is by far the elite. Everything else is trash.
So live journal is better than independant blogs? Despite the sterotype of of LJ users being 14 year old girls complaining about their boyfriends and tlkng lk, uknow -dis, kthnx?
The steriotype is set up by those that aren't members. LJ posts it's demographics publicly and a ton of the members are late teens to mid 20 somethings.

Indepenent blogs aren't read. That simple.
Well, let's see...

On the bottom: blogspot users. LJ and DJ and Diaryland
Next rung: hosted movable type or Word Press (blogspot, kinda)
next rung: hosted, domained, movable type or Word Press, TypePad
next rung: hosted, domained, 500 hits a day, The C-List
next rung: hosted, domained, 1000 hits a day, The B-List
next rung: hosted, domained, 5000 hits a day, The A-List
top rung: hosted, domained, 10,000 hits a day plus, The überbloggers.

if anything, I'm a C-lister. My blog runs between 300-600 hits a day.

Who are the überbloggers? Joi Ito. Glenn Reynolds. Megnut. The Trotts. John Gruber. There are many.
what are you opinions of LJ or Blogspot users who are trying to be mainstream? Can they do it, or is it impossible because of where they are posting from?
jwz has done a pretty good job of being mainstream about it. LJ's inclusion of RSS has made it much easier to be mainstream. It's still not easy, but that's more psychological (how much more of a pain is it to type livejournal.com/users/cortana than it is to type tombridge.com?)

There's room for all manner of blogs and bloggers. I blog because I like it, not out of some soporific need for attention.
I'm not saying that there's no room for them - but I think I'm starting to treat this perhaps as a "fad." And with all fads, there are levels to it in a way. I'm just curious to how other people place the levels of blogging.

As for me, I write for me or, on occassions such as this, really do open it up for discussion. I feel that blogs are a good way to communicate ideas and theories quickly.
I think people who spend a great deal of time thinking about the mystical hierarchy of blogs need to go outside.
*chuckles* That's mildy degrating, but thanks for your imput!
I was thinking more of the mainstream media. We were in the video store the other day and they had the Utne Reader, which has a huge story in their latest issue about blogs. If I read one more "Blogs are the new ________ and people who write them are _________ and their readers are ______!" thing I will puke. I mean, it's sort of interesting, but not exactly worthy of a great deal of thought.
I'll say this for LJ. I'm an "independent" blogger, I guess. I use my blog as something to post funny things I find or write, but I also use it to hone my writing skills; being away from writing in any form made them wuite dull indeed.

But, despite being friends with, say, a D-list blogger, I still have never had more than twenty comments on any one post. So, LJ increases readership quite a bit, I would say. Which sort of proves the point I was making to you, oh author. BUT, I cannot argue opinion. If you believe your LJ space serves a certain purpose, I'd rather not argue that, even if I disagree.